Farscape Australia: the first club for Australian Scapers, FanFic Awards 2002 Winners

Official List of the Farscape FanFic Awards 2002 Winners

Best AwardWinner2nd Runner Up3rd Runner UpHonourable Mention
Overall Fanfic"Disruption" by huzzlewhat"Taking It Home" by Speedbump"New To This World" by Shipscat-
AuthorShipscatUCSBdadIan K. (aka Captain Hornblower)-
Beta-ReaderaeryncrichtonPKBarbImloco2 -
Original Plot"Weight of the World" by Analise"Unseen Hands" by Jess Pallas"Reunion" by aeryncrichton-
Original CharacterLarry the Razor Tooth Vorlag by UCSBdadBroc by ShipscatRobert McGregor by Ian K.-
Reader of FanficMreenCanGiggling_Star-
Action/Adventure"No Dominion" by Maayan"The Good Times" by orchidcactus"Should've Brought A Bag" by Betan Survey"Memories" by aeryncrichton;
"Just One Look" by CrystalMoon;
"Shifting Sands" by Shipscat;
"Survivor" by ISIS
Alternative Universe/Future Fic"Taking It Home" by Speedbump"The Prisoner of Zendai" by UCSBdad"Alternative Paths" by Ian K."Going Home" by player;
"A Worm by Any Other Name" by D.M. Baird;
"Weight of the World" by Analise;
"I will not sleep" by Shaye;
"The Way Home" by Imloco2
Archive Web SiteRed Beard's Farscape Fan-Fiction Archive by JeffFarscape FanFiction Links by anne29Scapers Sanctuary by OboeCrazy-
Comedy"Human on the Half Shell" by newscaper"Ficlets Don't Matter" by PKAmmoTroop"Not Like This!" by ISIS"The Farscape Show" by PKAmmoTroop;
"The Fellip Nectar Stand Super Special Edition: ScaperCon 2001" by LeatherGirl;
"Brownfinger" by unohoo
Creative BBoard Post"NewsWire" by CleverFox"The Wisdom of Farscape" by Revelos55"The Little Show That Could" by LeatherGirl"Weekly Weapons Safety Briefing 12" by PKAmmoTroop;
"PK Invasion of Earth" by CaptainHornblower;
"What Wonderful People" by UCSBdad
CrossOver"Starscape" by MALar"Flying Colors" by Ian K."Where No One Has Gone Before" by Aesop -
Documentary"Introduction" by UCSBdad---
Drama"The Weight of the World" by Analise"Lizzie Borden took an Axe"by Shaye"Hidden in Plain Sight" by UKTechGirl"She Takes Time" by Amelia;
"The Anger Inside" by Beth A. Carpenter;
"Birthright" by Ann Brill White;
"Five Sessions" by Neuroscpr;
"End" by Still Waters;
"John Crichton Was Here" by LeatherGirl
Episode Filler/Addition"Aftermath: Tag to WGFA" by wiscaper"Family Counseling" by Kelly Hill"Aftershock" by aeryncrichton"Epilogue to Fractures" by Player;
"Loose Lips" by aeryncrichton;
"In The Aftermath of Chaos" by LeatherGirl
Episode Review"Bama's Observations for Green Eyed Monster" by BamaGirl"Thanks For Sharing" by OboeCrazy"Bama's Observations for Die Me Dichotomy" by BamaGirl-
Ficlet"Blank Pages" by huzzlewhat"Friendship" by Imloco"My Father's Eyes" by CosmicCastaway-
Ficletini"Forgiveness" by aeryncrichton"Black Tee #1" by WITGOB"Lost Love" by LeatherGirl"Bad Chocolate Ending" by GBBarb1;
"Departure" by Periapt
Filk"I Can Tell We're In Dren" by Deb Phali"Aeryn" by Beth S"Ke-Sahn" by Deb Phali"The Wormhole Connection" by Periapt;
"Science Fiction Farscape Feature" by Manny Calavera
Horror"Driven To Insanity" by LeatherGirl"Leaving" by Player"Even I Saw it Coming" by LeatherGirl-
Novella"Weight of the World" by Analise"The Patter of Little Feet" by Shipscat"Destination: Unknown" by LeatherGirl-
Poem"'Twas Night Cycle Aboard Moya" by ScapeArtist"Haikus from The Choice" by Periapt"Her Hair Haiku" by unohoo-
Romance"Body Heat" by aeryncrichton"Nothing Left to Lose" by Shipscat"Memory of Things to Come" by PKAmmoTroop"Labor Pains" by Ian K.;
"Left Behind" by Imloco2;
"Crichton in Love" by UCSBdad
Round Robin"Naked Came the Leviathan" by Kelly Hill et al"Valkyrie" by unohoo et al--
Script"FNS Edition 2.1: KFC's 11 Secret Ingredients" by LeatherGirl"FNS Memorial Edition: In Memory of Pa'U Zoto Zhaan" by LG"FNS Edition 3.0: The Big Bangalow" by LeatherGirl-
Series"Taking It Home" by Speedbump"Starscape" by MALar"Beacon" & "Bounty" by Darkman-