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20 December 2002
There is an unconfirmed report that Farscape Season 3 will return to Channel 9 on December 26 at 9:30pm. If you can confirm this please let The Admiral know so she can let everyone else know too.

10 March 2002
Farscape FanFic Awards 2002 winners announced.

7 January 2002
TaScape 2002 - a Thank You to the crew and cast who brings us Farscape.
Where: Maroubra Beach, Sydney, Australia
When: January 20th, 2002
What to bring: Food will be supplied but BYO drinks. Please email beforehand so we can cater for you!
Who's coming: Some crew and maybe cast will be attending - please ask to view our PRIVACY policy.
Other Info: Please note this is a FREE barby - but we will need to cover costs so take advantage of the raffles that will be on offer during the day. Lots af Fab FARSCAPE prizes! Feel free to make donations!
Many more things planned - email Deb (wizards_of_oz4@hotmail.com) or Sue (wizards-of_oz_1@hotmail.com) for details!

1 January 2002
Farscape Australia gets a new look.

30 December 2001
Season 2 finale airs on Channel 9. Will we get season 3?

6 December 2001
Farscape returns to Channel 9 in Adelaide and other states.

27 November 2001
Helen Razor (Radio National, ABC) aired a story on Fan Fiction - featured Farscape fan author Sue (aka WITGOB).

21 November 2001
Helen Razor (Radio National, ABC) contacted this site for author's willing to talk about Fan Fiction.

22 September 2001
Farscapology goes on-line at www16.brinkster.com/talie/farscapology/farscapology.asp.

?? September 2001
Channel 9's done it again - Farscape's been taken off to be "returned later in the year".

10 August 2001
Farscape Australia club has been online for a year.

14 July 2001
Farscape did return to Channel 9 on Saturday July 14, at 5pm in South Australia.

11 July 2001
Farscape Season 2 returned to some broadcasts of Channel 9 on Saturday July 7, at 5pm. This did not include the states of SA, ACT, NSW, or NT. It is thought these other states may get lucky and see Farscape on 14 July (but don't hold your breath - I don't think anyone could hold it for that length of time!)

27 June 2001
Farscape rumoured to be returning to Channel 9 on Saturday July 14, at 5pm.

20 June 2001
FOXTEL (partly owned by News Ltd who own Channel 9) will be showing Farscape Season 1 on FoxKids during July 2001.
July dates are as follows:

3 July at 7.30pm - Premiere (PG)
5 July at 7.30pm - I, E.T.
7 July at 6.30pm - Premiere (PG)
8 July at 2.00pm - Premiere (PG)
10 July at 7.30pm - Exodus From Genesis
12 July at 7.30pm - Throne for a Loss
14 July at 6.30pm - I, E.T.
15 July at 2.00pm - I, E.T.

4 February 2001
So much for that rumour! Channel 9 says that they'll bring back Farscape later in the year (when isn't known). In the meantime keep writing those letters to Channel 9 - may be they might give in and bring it back earlier?!.

3 January 2001
Just came across a rumour that Channel 9 may continue airing Farscape through until the end of Season 2 - without the normal break between seasons.

26 November 2000
Farscape is returning to Channel 9 on December 2 at 8:30pm after Pretender. Now if they'll only leave it on...

8 November 2000
Farscape is rumoured to reappear on Channel 9 during December and January.

15 September 2000
Farscape is now showing in Australia, see below for times.

29 August 2000
Farscape returning to Channel Nine 15 September. Times are:

Fri 15 Sept   8:30pm : That Old Black Magic
Sat 16 Sept   7:30pm : PK Girl; & 8:30pm : DNA Mad Scientist
Fri 22 Sept   8:30pm
Sat 23 Sept   7:30pm & 8:30pm
Sat 30 Sept   8:30pm

**28 August 2000
The club now has it's own domain name - http://www.farscape-australia.com

26 August 2000
The club has been listed on the Australian Science Fiction Magazine Frontier website.

22 August 2000
Could all members who have not received a reply from me personally email me with their membership details. The join form's cgi script was not forwarding the data, hence I don't have everyone's member details. Sorry about the trouble.

20 August 2000
Channel Nine is to air Farscape during the Sydney Olympics. However, it's rumoured that it'll be shown in 2 or 3 hour blocks of episodes. Does this bode well for the future of Farscape in Australia on Nine?

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Farscape faced the very real threat of cancellation halfway through its first season when its production location, Fox Studios Australia, forced them out to make way for another production: Star Wars: Episode 2. The logistical problems of moving the large and expensive sets to a Stateside location would have been too cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, another studio was found nearby that was able to house the production, and the series was renewed for a second season.

At one point the show was re-named to Far Horizon before switching back to Farscape.

Crichton's nickname for Chiana, "Pip", came from Ben Browder. It was originally Browder's nickname for Gigi Edgley.